Choose your hero: Demitria Devonne Lovato

De senaste veckorna har vi arbetat med ett projekt på engelskan som handlar om hjältar. Uppgiften var att presentera en person och övertyga de andra om att hen är en hjälte. Mitt val var ganska enkelt då jag är liten av en Lovatic. Jag valde Demi Lovato. Anledningen var inte lika självklart för andra som för mig. Så att förklara varför hon är en hjälte var ju då extra roligt!

Här nedan kan ni läsa min redovisning, tro inte att jag tänker översätta den till svenska utan ni får öva lite engelska.

Demitria (Demi) Devonne Lovato was born August 20 1992 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She is mostly recognized as a child stars from Disney Channel. So if you have seen “Camp Rock 1 and 2”, “Sonny with a chance” and “Princess Protection program” you will recognize her.
Now she has put her acting career aside and focuses on the music. She is a famous singer-songwriter and has released 3 albums since 2008. She has fans all over the world and the fan base is called Loveatics.

Now to the big question, why is she a hero?
She might not be the first hero you think of but she sure is a hero.
Demi had a rough childhood and did always feel like she was left out. She has been struggling with eating disorders since she was 8 years old and has been showing symptoms of bipolar disorder since she was at age 11.
October 30 2010, she dropped out of the Jonas Brothers Live in Concert world tour; 15 days before it was dated it would be over. She went right in to treatment at Timber Knolls Facility for “Physical and emotional issues”. She decides to do this after punching on of the dancers on the tour.
3 Months later, 28 January 2011, it was reported that Demi had complete her treatment and returned to her home in Los Angeles.  After this you expect her to keep quiet about it, but she didn’t. Other people who have been in treatment haven’t been as open about it as Demi has.
She wanted to raise awareness about issues similar to her own so she deiced to discuss her personal issues as a part of a lager campaign called “Love is louder than the pressure to be perfect”, which is directed towards teenage girls.
When Demi spoke about her issues she didn’t just inform the world of what she have been going trough, she also gave girls the courage to seek for help themselves. Demi has helped millions of girls around the world with their problems; make them realize that they are not alone and that there is help to get.
In Marsh 2012 MTV realized a documentary about Demi’s struggles called “Stay Strong”. Demi opened up to her fans and spoke up about her issues that still follow her.  She also explains the words stay strong which she also got tattooed to her wrists. She says that she got them because she needed to cover some scars that she had. However, the main reason were because that was what her fans told her during the whole time she was in treatment. The kept telling her to Stay Strong.
There are some very strong moments in the documentary; The first one is when Demi gets to meet a fan with cancer. The girl says that Demi has helped her in her struggles and that Demi was the reason that she went without her wig to the concert.  Another one is when they interview fans in the crowd and one them says Demi helped her to get courage to get help for her issues.
And the third one is when Demi visits Timber Knolls facility to tell her message.

Demi is a philanthropic person. She is a anti-bullying spokes person for the organization PACER.

“Bullying is a very serious thing to me, I’ve witnessed it first hand – I was bullied myself when I was 12, I want to be able to help other girls around [my sister’s] age come into their own with a strong confidence in their skin, their size, who they are and everything about themselves.” Says Demi to NY Post.

So what does she do today? She still meets doctors for issues, and she says that this is going to follow her forever.  She continues to talk about her issues to give courage to others. She is an inspiration source and people look up to her for what she’d done.  And she will always continue to tell her fans and other young girls to stay strong, because they help her when she needed it and now she wants to help them.

Här är länken till dokumentären och mellan 35.30 och 37.00 är klippet jag visade under redovisningen.

Ha så kul!



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